School Workshop

A workshop provides students with:
  • a fun, hands-on experience

  • some understanding of African music and culture

  • an opportunity to learn how to play the marimba

  • experience of authentic music from Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe

  • time working together to create a unique musical performance using marimbas and a variety of African percussion.

"Fabulous experience learning about rhythms.  I've never seen anything so amazing!"

"I felt very talented when I learnt the complicated bit.  Overall I loved the marimba workshop and I am very thankful you came in."

"I really liked the marimba workshop.  I liked that we all got to play the marimba.  I think it’s great to have that opportunity."

"I liked the tune and how the rhythm made you feel happy and relaxed.  It was an incredible experience we will never forget!"

School workshop

The perfect activity to complement your curriculum.

Ideal for years 5 and 6 (and adaptable for older ages), a typical whole-day workshop includes introductory assembly with demonstration and cultural presentation to provide context, followed by the workshops.  The day might end with a final performance for parents/carers and each other.  


Please get in touch to discuss how to tailor this to your specific school, and for further information - you can e-mail me using the link below.

Items we brought back from Bots and Zim