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The 'Busking in Oxford' videos

show some secondary school students from Aylesbury.  They were busking to help raise funds for their World Challenge trip to Southern Africa.



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On the 'Workshops and clubs' videos you can hear some Year 5 and 6 children from St Andrew's C of E Primary School in Chinnor, which hosted a day of workshops for their year 5 and 6 classes. 

During assembly, at the end of the day, a group of students brought together from the four workshop classes performed a song.  This is augmented by a performance by their small marimba club that meets regularly.


The play buttons to the right are just home recordings, when Jan and her family were having a jamming session playing some old favourites.

Pata Pata -
Malaika -
Mammati -
Jikele Mawene -